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Boardman 330 726 8100
Youngstown 330 792 3318

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Youngstown OH Automotive Repair & Service


Back to easy shifting and smooth sailing! I was impressed by how quickly it was fixed just like you said it would be!

Evan Myers
Youngstown OH

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Redlich Transmission is a very customer friendly auto repair shop!

Cris Standish
Youngstown OH

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Their honesty and value mean a lot and I will always recommend them!

Steve Foster
Boardman Ohio

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Truly a no hassle experience, thank you. I highly recommend Redlich Transmissions!

John Vargo
South River New Jersey

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Really fast excellent service, and at a much lower cost than the others!

Chris Leu
Younstown OH

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This is a place that cares about their customers and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Deborah Frenchik
Brook Park Ohio

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